The Amazing Spider-Man by J. Michael Straczynski
listed in chronological reading order.

Coming Home (issues #30-35) (read Jan. 2009)
Revelations(issues #36-39) (read Jan. 2009)
Until the Stars Turn Cold(issues #40-45) (read Feb. 2009)
The Life and Death of Spiders (issues #46-50) (read Feb. 2009)
Unintended Consequences (issues #51-56)(read Feb. 2009)
Happy Birthday (issues #500-502 & #57-58) (read Mar. 2009)
The Book of Ezekiel (issues #503-508) (read Mar. 2009)
Sins Past(issues #509-514) (read Mar. 2009)
Skin Deep (issues #515-518)
New Aventures (issues #519-524)
The Other (issues #525-528)
Civil War: The Road to Civil War (issues #529-531)
Civil War: Amazing Spider-Man (issues #532-538)
Back in Black (issues #539-543)
One More Day (issues #544-545)
Various Authors
Brand New Day Vol. 1 (by Dan Slot) (issues #546-551)
Brand New Day Vol. 2 (by Dan Slot) (issues #552-563)
Brand New Day Vol. 3 (by Dan Slot) (issues #564-567)
Kraven's First Hunt by Marc Guggenheim (
New Ways to Die by Dan Slot(issues #568-573)
Secret Invasion: Amazing Spider-Man by Brian Reed
Crime and Punisher (by Marc Guggenheim) (issues 574-577)
Death and Dating by Mark Waid
Election Day by Marc Guggenheim
24/7 by Fred Van Lente
American Son by Joe Kelly
Died In Your Arms Tonight by Dan Slott
Red-Headed Stranger by Fred Van Lente
Return of the Black Cat by Marc Guggenheim
The Gauntlet, Vol. 1 – Electro & Sandman by Dan Slott
The Gauntlet, Vol. 2 – Rhino & Mysterio by Joe Kelly
The Gauntlet, Vol. 3 – Vulture & Morbius by Greg Weisman
The Gauntlet, Vol. 4 - Juggernaut by Fred Van Lente
The Gauntlet, Vol. 5 – Lizard by Zeb Wells
Grim Hunt by Joe Kelly
One Moment in Time by Joe Quesada
Origin of the Species by Mark Waid
Big Time by Dan Slott (issues #648-651)
Matters of Life and Death by Dan Slott


Jill said...

Ooh, I didn't realize you had a whole blog for keeping track series! I like the idea, particularly after compiling mine into a series post and realizing the insane number of books I have on there. I may have to copy you one of these days before things get out of hand!

Nikki in Niagara said...

Well, I've found it a great way to keep track. And it feeds my insane need for lists, so it keeps me happy too!