Superman & Family

All are graphic novels/comics unless otherwise noted.

Action Comics Superman (The New 52!)
Vol. 1: Superman and the Men of Steel
Vol. 2: Bulletproof
Vol. 3: At the End of Days
Vol. 4: Hybrid
Vol. 5: What Lies Beneath
Vol. 6: Superdoom
Vol. 7: Under the Skin
Vol. 8: Truth
Vol. 9:

Action Comics: Superman (Rebirth)
Vol. 1: Path of Doom
Vol. 2: Welcome to the Planet
2.5: Superman Reborn

Superman (New 52)
Vol. 1: What Price Tomorrow?
Vol. 2: Secrets & Lies
Vol. 3: Fury at World's End
Superman Unchained
Vol. 4: Psi-War
Vol. 5: Under Fire
Vol. 6: The Men of Tomorrow

Superman [2015-2016]
Vol. 1: Before Truth
Vol. 2: Return to Glory
The Final Days of Superman

Superman (Rebirth) [2016-]
1. Son of Superman
2. Trial of the Super Sons
3. Multiplicity
3.5. Superman Reborn
4. Black Dawn

Superman Adventures (DC/Capstone)
1. Men of Steel by Paul Dini
2. Be Careful What You Wish For by Scott McCloud
3. Distant Thunder by Scott McCloud
4. Eye to Eye by Scott McCloud
5. Balance of Power by Scott McCloud
6. Seonimod by Scott McCloud
7. Tiny Problems! by Scott McCloud
8. A Big Problem by Scott McCloud

Superman: Earth One
Vol. 1
Vol. 2
Vol. 3

Superman/Wonder Woman (The New 52)
Vol. 1: Power Couple
Vol. 2: War and Peace
Vol. 3: Casualties of War
Vol. 4: Dark Truth
Vol. 5:

Superman/Batman combos (series & one-offs)
Superman & Batman: Generations, An Imaginary Tale

Superman one-offs/mini-series
The Dark Horse Comics/DC: Superman

Random Comic Books
All Star Comics #62: When Fall the Mighty by Gerry Conway

The Amazing Adventures of Superman (DC/Capstone)
Easy Readers
Alien Superman!
Battle of the Super Heroes!
Bubble Trouble!
Creatures from Planet X!
Day of the Bizarros!
Escape From Future World!
Magic Monsters!
Supergirl's Pet Problem!
Under the Red Sun!

Superman: DC Super Heroes (DC/Capstone)
Chapter Books
Superman: Lex Luthor's Power Grab!
Superman: The Real Man of Steel
Superman vs Bizarro

Picture Books
Superman IV by Nancy E. Krulik
Superman and the Miserable, Rotten, No Fun, Really Bad Day by Dave Croatto


Superman Family Adventures by Art Baltazar & Franco (DC/Capstone)
1. The Adventure Begins
2. Enter Bizarro!
3. Super-Pets
4. Monkey Metropolis!
5. Who Is the Purple Superman?
6. The Menace of Metallo! 
1-6. Superman Family Adventures: Volume One
7. Attack of the Toyman
8. Attack of the Serious Alien Menace!
9. And now ... Brainiac!
10. General Zod Dogs!
11. And Now ... Ma Kent!
12. Because You Demanded it ... Darkseid!
7-12. Superman Family Adventures: Volume Two

Superboy (The New 52!)
Vol. 1: Incubation 
Vol. 2: Extraction
Vol. 3: Lost
Vol. 4: Blood and Steel
Vol. 5: Paradox

Supergirl (The New 52!)
Vol. 1: Last Daughter of Krypton
Vol. 2: Girl in the World
Vol. 3: Sanctuary
Vol. 4: Out of the Past
Vol. 5: Red Daughter of Krypton
Vol. 6: Crucible

Supergirl (Rebirth)
1. Reign Of The Cyborg Super-Men

Super Girl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade by Landry Q. Walker (DC/Capstone)
1. Her First Extra-ordinary Adventure!
2. My Own Best Frenemy
3. Super Hero School
4. Secret Entity!
5. Evil in a Skirt!
6. Off to Save the Day
Omnibus Collection

Super Sons (Rebirth)
1. When I Grow Up 

Superwoman (Rebirth)
1. Who Killed Superwoman?

Krypto the Superdog by Min S. Ku (DC/Capstone)
1. Here Comes Krypto
3. Bad Moon Rising

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