Kathy Reichs

Temperance Brennan
1. Deja Dead (read pre-blogging)
2. Death Du Jour (read pre-blogging)
3. Deadly Decisions (read pre-blogging)
4. Fatal Voyage (read pre-blogging)
5. Grave Secrets (read pre-blogging)
6. Bare Bones 
7. Monday Mourning
8. Cross Bones 
9. Break No Bones 
10. Bones to Ashes 
11. Devil Bones 
12. 206 Bones
13. Spider Bones
14. Flash and Bones
15. Bones are Forever
16. Bones of the Lost
17. Bones Never Lie
18. Speaking in Bones

1. Virals
2. Seizure
3. Code
4. Exposure
5. Terminal


Booklogged said...

I've just started on this series. Am enjoying it immensely.

Nikki in Niagara said...

Ah, you've got some good reading ahead of you! I read a lot of forensic mysteries now but Reichs was my first in the genre. I loved them all except 'Cross Bones', it is quite a bit different than the others.