Ngaio Marsh

Inspector Roderick Alleyn Mysteries

A Man Lay Dead (read Sept. 2007)
Enter a Murderer (read Oct. 2007)
The Nursing Home Murder
Death in Ecstasy
Vintage Murder
Artists in Crime
Death in a White Tie
Overture to Death
Death at the Bar
Death of a Peer aka Surfeit of Lampreys*
Death and the Dancing Footman
Colour Scheme
Died in the Wool
Final Curtain
A Wreath for Rivera aka Swing, Brother, Swing
Night at the Vulcan aka Opening Night
Spinsters in Jeopardy aka The Bride of Death
Scales of Justice* (read Jan, 2007)
Death of a Fool aka Off with His Head* (read Jan, 2007)

Singing in the Shrouds
False Scent
Hand in Glove
Dead Water
Killer Dolphin aka Death at the Dolphin
Clutch of Constables
When in Rome
Tied Up in Tinsel* (read in the 1980's, re-read Jan, 2007)
Black As He's Painted
Last Ditch
A Grave Mistake* (read Jan, 2007)
Photo Finish* (read Jan, 2007)

Light Thickens

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