Holly Black

The Spiderwick Chronicles (with Tony DiTerlizzi)
1. The Field Guide
2. The Seeing Stone
3. Lucinda's Secret
4. The Ironwood Tree
5. The Wrath of Mulgarath 

Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles
1. The Nixie's Song
2. A Giant Problem
3. The Wyrm King

The Good Neighbors (with Ten Naifeh)
1. Kin 
2. Kith 
3. Kind

The Curse Workers
1. White Cat
2. Red Glove
3. Black Heart

Vol. 1: Cold Heaven

Nancy Springer

Enola Holmes Mysteries

1. The Case of the Missing Marquess (read Nov. 2007)
2. The Case of the Left-Handed Lady
3. The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets
4. The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan
5. The Case of the Cryptic Crinoline
6. The Case of the Gypsey Goodbye

Paul Stewart

The Edge Chronicles

Beyond the Deepwoods (read Jan. 2008)
Midnight over Sanctaphrax
Cloud Wolf (novella)
The Curse of the Gloamglozer
The Last of the Sky Pirates
Winter Knights
Clash of the Sky Galleons
The Stone Pilot (novella)
The Lost Barkscrolls (short stories) (contains Cloud Wolf & The Stone Pilot)

The Blobheads

1.Invasion of the Blobs (read Feb. 2008)
2. Talking Toasters
3. School Stinks
4. Beware of the Babysitter
5. Garglejuice
6. Silly Billy
7. Naughty Gnomes
8. Purple Alert!
9. Blobheads Go Boing!

Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson and the Olympians
1. The Lightning Thief (read Jan. 2008)
2. The Sea of Monsters
3. The Titan's Curse
4. The Battle of the Labyrinth
5. The Last Olympian

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Graphic Novels (written by Robert Venditti)
1. The Lightning Thief (read Apr. 2011)

J. Fitzgerald McCurdy

The Serpent's Egg Trilogy

The Serpent's Egg (read Jan. 2008)
The Burning Crown
The Twisted Blade

Lemony Snicket

A Series of Unfortunate Events

1. The Bad Beginning
2. The Reptile Room
3. The Wide Window
4. The Miserable Mill
The Austere Academy
The Ersatz Elevator
The Vile Village
The Hostile Hospital
The Carnivorous Carnival
The Slippery Slope
The Grim Grotto
The Penultimate Peril
The End