Ian Edington

Vol. 1: The Waking World (read Apr. 2014)
Vol. 2: Written in Blood (read Dec 2014)
Vol. 3: (coming Jun 2015)

Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novels
1. The Hound of the Baskervilles
2. A Study in Scarlet (read May, 2011)
3. The Sign of the Four

Ludmila Zeman

The Sindbad Trilogy

1. Sindbad (read May, 2011)
2. Sindbad in the Land of Giants (read May, 2011)
3. Sindbad's Secret (read May 2011)

The Gilgamesh Trilogy

1. Gilgamesh the King (read 1990s)
2. The Revenge of Ishtar (read 1990s)
3. The Last Quest of Gilgamesh (read 1990s)

John Connolly

Samuel Johnson vs the Devil

1. The Gates (read May 2011)
2. Hell's Bells (tbp)