Mo Willems

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!
Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!
The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?
The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!
The Pigeon Has Feelings, Too!
The Pigeon Loves Things That Go!
The Pigeon Wants a Puppy!

Elephant & Piggie

1. Today I Will Fly!
2. My Friend is Sad
3. There is a Bird on Your Head!
4. I am Invited to a Party!
5. I Love My New Toy!
6. I Will Surprise My Friend!
7. Are You Ready To Play Outside?
8. Watch Me Throw The Ball!
9. Elephants Cannot Dance!
10. Pigs Make Me Sneeze!
11. I Am Going!
12. Can I Play Too?
13. We Are in a Book!
14. I Broke My Trunk!
15. Should I Share My Ice Cream?
16. Happy Pig Day!
17. Listen to My Trumpet

Knuffle Bunny

Cat the Cat

Benefic Press

Graded reader chapter books published by Benefic Press

Tommy O'Toole

Gr.1 - Tommy O'Toole and Larry (read Dec. 2011)
Gr.2 - Tommy O'Toole and Larry at the Fair
Gr.3 - Tommy O'Toole and the Forest Fire
Gr.4 -
Gr.5 -

I Am Canada {Various Authors}

I Am Canada

1759 - Storm the Fortress: The Seige of Quebec, William Jenkins, New France by Maxine Trottier
1812 - A Call to Battle: The War of 1812, Alexander MacKay, Upper Canada by Gillian Chan
1882 - Blood and Iron: Building the Railway, Lee Heen-gwong, British Columbia by Paul Yee (read Dec. 2011)
1912 - Deadly Voyage: R.M.S. Titanic, Jaimie Laidlaw, Crossing the Atlantic by Hugh Brewster (read Dec. 2011)
1917 - Shot at Dawn: World War I, Allan McBride, France by John Wilson (read Jan. 2012)
1942 - Prisoner of Dieppe: World War II, Alistair Morrison, Occupied France by Hugh Brewster (red Dec. 2011)
1944 - Behind Enemy Lines: World War II, Sam Fredericksen, Nazi-Occupied Europe by Carol Matas (read May 2012)

Francesca Simon

Horrid Henry

1. Horrid Henry (read Oct. 2011)
2. Horrid Henry's Stinkbomb
3. Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy
4. Horrid Henry and the Mega-Mean Time Machine
5. Horrid Henry and the Soccer Fiend
6. Horrid Henry and the Mummy's Curse
7. Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter
8. Horrid Henry's Christmas Cracker
9. Horrid Henry's Underpants (read Feb. 2012)
Horrid Henry Joke Book
10. Horrid Henry Rocks
11. Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman
12. Horrid Henry Wakes the Dead

Mike Mason

The Blue Umbrella series

1. The Blue Umbrella (read Oct. 2011)
2. The Violet Flash
3. tbp

Richard Sobol

Traveling Photographer

Breakfast in the Rainforest (read Sept. 2011)
The Life of Rice (read Sept. 2011)
The Mysteries of Angkor Wat (read Sept. 2011)

David Whitley

The Agora Trilogy

1. The Midnight Charter (read Sept. 2011)
2. The Children of the Lost (read Dec. 2011)
3. tbp

Jussi Adler-Olsen

Department Q

1. Mercy (Keeper of Lost Causes) (read Jul. 2011)
2. Disgrace (The Absent One) (read Aug. 2012)
3. Redemption  (A Conspiracy of Faith) (read Jul. 2013)
4. Guilt (The Purity of Vengeance) (read Apr. 2014)
5. The Marco Effect (coming Sept 2014)

John Verdon

Dave Gurney

1. Think of a Number (read Jul. 2011)
2. Shut Your Eyes Tight

Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Alden Family Mysteries*

1. The Boxcar Children (re-read Jun. 2011)**
2. Surprise Island (re-read Jul. 2011)
3. The Yellow House Mystery (re-read Jan. 28, 2012)
4. Mystery Ranch (re-read Apr. 2012)
5. Mike's Mystery (re-read Jul. 2012)
6. Blue Bay Mystery (re-read Nov. 2012)
7. The Woodshed Mystery (re-read May 2013)
8. The Lighthouse Mystery (re-read Jul. 2013)
9. Mountain Top Mystery (re-read Nov. 2014)
10. Schoolhouse Mystery
11. Caboose Mystery
12. Houseboat Mystery
13. Snowbound Mystery
14. Tree House Mystery
15. Bicycle Mystery
16. Mystery in the Sand
17. Mystery Behind the Wall
18. Bus Station Mystery
19. Benny Uncovers a Mystery
Prequel. The Boxcar Children Beginning: The Aldens of Fair Meadow Farm (by Patricia MacLachlan) (read Jul. 2012)

* more commonly know as "The Boxcar Children"
**these are all re-reads for me, I was addicted to the series as a young child in the mid-1970s.  date read is not date first read but date first blogged, except for modern prequel.

Tim Downs

Bug Man

1. Shoofly Pie
2. Chop Shop
3. First the Dead
4. Less Than Dead
5. Ends of the Earth
6. Nick of Time (read Jun. 2011)

Ian Edington

Vol. 1: The Waking World (read Apr. 2014)
Vol. 2: Written in Blood (read Dec 2014)
Vol. 3: (coming Jun 2015)

Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novels
1. The Hound of the Baskervilles
2. A Study in Scarlet (read May, 2011)
3. The Sign of the Four

Ludmila Zeman

The Sindbad Trilogy

1. Sindbad (read May, 2011)
2. Sindbad in the Land of Giants (read May, 2011)
3. Sindbad's Secret (read May 2011)

The Gilgamesh Trilogy

1. Gilgamesh the King (read 1990s)
2. The Revenge of Ishtar (read 1990s)
3. The Last Quest of Gilgamesh (read 1990s)

John Connolly

Samuel Johnson vs the Devil

1. The Gates (read May 2011)
2. Hell's Bells (tbp)

Arleta Richardson

Grandma's Attic

1. In Grandma's Attic (read Apr. 2011)
2. More Stories from Grandma's Attic (re-read Apr. 2011)
3. Still More Stories from Grandma's Attic (read Sep. 2011)
4. Treasures from Grandma (read Sep. 2011)
5. Sixteen and Away from Home
6. Eighteen and on Her Own
7. Nineteen and Wedding Bells Ahead
8. At Home in North Branch
9. New Faces, New Friends
10. Stories from the Growing Years

Theodore Taylor

The Cay

1. The Cay (read Mar. 2011)
2. Timothy of the Cay

Sonia Levitin

The Platt Family Trilogy

1. Journey to America (read Mar. 2011)
2. Silver Days
3. Annie's Promise

Lauren DeStefano

The Chemical Garden Trilogy  COMPLETED
1. Wither (read Mar. 2011)
2. Fever (read May 2013)
3. Sever (read May 2013)
Avg. Rating: 5/5

Internment Chronicles
1. Perfect Ruin (read Dec. 2013)

Eric Shanower

Wonderful World of Oz

Adventures in OZ (short stories)
1. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (read Mar. 2011)
2. The Marvelous Land of Oz (read Oct. 2011)
3. Ozma of Oz (tbp)

Once Upon a Time Series by Various Authors

Once Upon a Time by Various Authors

Beauty Sleep by Cameron Dokey
Before Midnight: A Retelling of "Cinderella" by Cameron Dokey
Belle: A Retelling of "Beauty and the Beast" by Cameron Dokey
The Crimson Thread: A Retelling of "Rumpelstiltskin" by Suzanne Weyn
The Diamond Secret by Suzanne Weyn
Golden: A Retelling of "Rapunzel" by Cameron Dokey
Midnight Pearls by Debbie Viguié
The Night Dance: A Retelling of "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" by Suzanne Weyn
The Rose Bride: A Retelling of "The White Bride and the Black Bride" by Nancy Holder
Scarlet Moon by Debbie Viguié
Snow by Tracy Lynn
Spirited: A Retelling of "Beauty and the Beast" by Nancy Holder
The Storyteller's Daughter: A Retelling of "The Arabian Nights" by Cameron Dokey
Sunlight and Shadow: A Retelling of "The Magic Flute" by Cameron Dokey
Violet Eyes by Debbie Viguié
Water Song: A Retelling of "The Frog Prince" by Suzanne Weyn
Wild Orchid: A Retelling of "The Ballad of Mulan" by Cameron Dokey
Winter's Child: A Retelling of "The Snow Queen" by Cameron Dokey (read Mar. 2011)
The World Above by Cameron Dokey

Usamaru Furuya

Genkaku Picasso Trilogy COMPLETED

Volume 1 (read Jan. 2011)
Volume 2 (read Feb. 2011)
Volume 3 (read May 2011)

Arnold Lobel

Frog and Toad - COMPLETED

1. Frog and Toad are Friends (read Jan. 2012)
2. Frog and Toad Together (read May 2011)
3. Frog and Toad All Year (read Feb. 2011)
4. Days with Frog and Toad (read Aug. 2012)

Brian Keany

The Promises of Dr. Sigmundus

1. The Hollow People (read Feb. 2011)
2. The Cracked Mirror
3. The Ressurection Fields

Paul Collicutt

Robot City Adventures

1. City in Peril! (read Feb. 2010)
2. Rust Attack! (read Feb. 2010)
3. The Indestructible Metal Men (read Feb. 2010)
4. Murder on the Robot City Express (read Feb. 2010)

Tsugumi Ohba

Death Note
Volume 1 & 2
Volume 3 & 4
Volume 5 & 6
Volume 7 & 8
Volume 9 & 10
Volume 11 & 12
Another Note, The Los Angeles Murder Cases (novel by Ishin Nishio)
L, Change the World (novel by M.)

Platinum End
Vol. 1
Vol. 2 (coming Mar '17)