Elizabeth George

Lynley and Havers

A Great Deliverance (read Feb. 2008)
Payment In Blood (read Apr. 2008)
Well-Schooled In Murder
A Suitable Vengeance
For The Sake of Elena
Missing Joseph
Playing For The Ashes
In The Presence Of The Enemy
In Pursuit Of The Proper Sinner
A Traitor To Memory
With No One as Witness
What Came Before He Shot Her
Careless in Red

Emily Rodda

Deltora Quest

1. The Forests of Silence (read 2003)
2. The Lake of Tears (read 2003)
3. City of the Rats
4. The Shifting Sands
5. Dread Mountain
6. The Maze of the Beast
7. The Valley of the Lost
8. Return to Del

Nancy Kress


Beggars in Spain (read 2004)
Beggars and Choosers
Beggars Ride

Patricia Cornwell

Andy Brazil

Hornet's Nest (read 2005)
Southern Cross
Isle Of Dogs

Dr. Kay Scarpetta
Postmortem (read July, 2008)
Body of Evidence
All That Remains
Cruel and Unusual
The Body Farm
From Potter's Field
Cause of Death
Unnatural Exposure
Point of Origin
Black Notice
The Last Precinct
Blow Fly
Book of the Dead

Sharan Newman


Guinevere (read 2005)
The Chessboard Queen
Guinevere Evermore


Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda

Destruction of Illusions by Keith R A DeCandido (read 2005)
The Broken Places by Daniel Morris and Ethlie Ann Vare (read 2005)
Waystation by Steven E McDonald (read 2005)

Through the Looking Glass by Josepha Sherman
The Attitude of Silence by Jeff Mariotte
Paradise Drift by Sherwood Smith

Alex Archer

Rogue Angel

Destiny (read Feb. 2008)
Solomon's Jar
The Spider Stone
The Chosen
Forbidden City
The Lost Scrolls
God of Thunder
Secret of the Slaves
Warrior Spirit
Serpent's Kiss

Brian Doyle

The Low Life

Up to Low (read Feb. 2008)
Angel Square
Easy Avenue
Covered Bridge
Uncle Ronald

Darren Shan

The Saga of Darren Shan aka Cirque du Freak

1.Cirque du Freak (read Apr. 2008)
2. The Vampire's Assistant(read May 2008)
3. Tunnels of Blood (read June 2008)
4. Vampire Mountain(read June 2008)
5. Trials of Death(read July 2008)
6. The Vampire Prince(read Aug. 2008)
7. Hunters of the Dusk (read Sept. 2008)
8. Allies of the Night (read Oct. 2008)
9. Killers of the Dawn (read Oct. 2008)
10. The Lake of Souls (read Dec. 2008)
11. Lord of the Shadows(read Dec. 2008)
12. Sons of Destiny (read Dec. 2008)

The Saga of Larten Crepsley

1. Birth of a Killer (read Jan. 2011)
2. Ocean of Blood
3. Palace of the Damned
4. Brothers to the Death (tbp May 2012)

The City Trilogy (as D.B. Shan)

1. Procession of the Dead (read Feb. 2008)
2. Hell's Horizon (read May 2009)
3. City of the Snakes (read Aug. 2010)