Jo Nesbo

Harry Hole (Up-to-Date)
1. The Bat
2. Cockroaches 
3. Redbreast 
4. Nemesis 
5. The Devil's Star
6. The Redeemer
7. The Snowman
8. The Leopard
9. Phantom
10. Police 
Average = (4.5/5)

Doctor Proctor (for children) (COMPLETED)
1. Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder
2. Bubble in the Bathtub
3. Who Cut the Cheese?
4. The Magical Fruit

Blood on Snow  (Up-to-Date)
1. Blood on Snow
2. Midnight Sun
Average = (3.5/5)

N.D. Wilson

100 Cupboards

1. 100 Cupboards (read Jan. 2009)
2. Dandelion Fire (read Mar. 2009)
3. The Chestnut King (read Mar. 2011)


The Amazing Spider-Man by J. Michael Straczynski
listed in chronological reading order.

Coming Home (issues #30-35) (read Jan. 2009)
Revelations(issues #36-39) (read Jan. 2009)
Until the Stars Turn Cold(issues #40-45) (read Feb. 2009)
The Life and Death of Spiders (issues #46-50) (read Feb. 2009)
Unintended Consequences (issues #51-56)(read Feb. 2009)
Happy Birthday (issues #500-502 & #57-58) (read Mar. 2009)
The Book of Ezekiel (issues #503-508) (read Mar. 2009)
Sins Past(issues #509-514) (read Mar. 2009)
Skin Deep (issues #515-518)
New Aventures (issues #519-524)
The Other (issues #525-528)
Civil War: The Road to Civil War (issues #529-531)
Civil War: Amazing Spider-Man (issues #532-538)
Back in Black (issues #539-543)
One More Day (issues #544-545)
Various Authors
Brand New Day Vol. 1 (by Dan Slot) (issues #546-551)
Brand New Day Vol. 2 (by Dan Slot) (issues #552-563)
Brand New Day Vol. 3 (by Dan Slot) (issues #564-567)
Kraven's First Hunt by Marc Guggenheim (
New Ways to Die by Dan Slot(issues #568-573)
Secret Invasion: Amazing Spider-Man by Brian Reed
Crime and Punisher (by Marc Guggenheim) (issues 574-577)
Death and Dating by Mark Waid
Election Day by Marc Guggenheim
24/7 by Fred Van Lente
American Son by Joe Kelly
Died In Your Arms Tonight by Dan Slott
Red-Headed Stranger by Fred Van Lente
Return of the Black Cat by Marc Guggenheim
The Gauntlet, Vol. 1 – Electro & Sandman by Dan Slott
The Gauntlet, Vol. 2 – Rhino & Mysterio by Joe Kelly
The Gauntlet, Vol. 3 – Vulture & Morbius by Greg Weisman
The Gauntlet, Vol. 4 - Juggernaut by Fred Van Lente
The Gauntlet, Vol. 5 – Lizard by Zeb Wells
Grim Hunt by Joe Kelly
One Moment in Time by Joe Quesada
Origin of the Species by Mark Waid
Big Time by Dan Slott (issues #648-651)
Matters of Life and Death by Dan Slott

Ann M. Martin

The Doll People (with Laura Godwin*)

1. The Doll People (read Jan. 2009)
The Meanest Doll in the World (read Jan. 2009)
3. The Runaway Dolls (read Jan. 2009)

*Laura Godwin was born and raised in Alberta, Canada, hence the Canadian Author tag.

Kate Atkinson

Jackson Brodie Mysteries

1. Case Histories
2. One Good Turn
3. When Will There Be Good News? (read Jan. 2009)
4. Started Early, Took My Dog