TOON Books {various}


Level 1
Adele in Sand Land by Claude Ponti
Barry's Best Buddy by Renee French
Birdsong by James Sturm
Blip! by Barnaby Rogers
Chick and Chickie in Play All Day! by Claude Ponti
A Goofy Guide to Penguins by Jean-Luc Coudray
Hearts by Thereza Rowe
Jack and the Box by Art Spiegelman
Little Mouse Gets Ready by Jeff Smith
The Real Poop on Pigeons by Kevin McCloskey
Silly Lilly and The Four Seasons by Agnes Rosenstiehl
Silly Lilly in What Will I Be Today? by Agnes Rosenstiehl
Something's Fishy by Kevin McCloskey
Tippy and the Night Parade by Lilli Carre
A Trip to the Bottom of the World with Mouse by Frank Viva
We Dig Worms by Kevin McCloskey
Wordplay by Ivan Brunetti

Level 2
Benjamin Bear in Brain Storm by Philippe Coudray
Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas! by Philippe Coudray
Benjamin Bear in Fuzzy Thinking by Philippe Coudray
Benny and Penny in How to Say Goodbye by Geoffrey Hayes
Benny and Penny in Just Pretend by Geoffrey Hayes
Benny and Penny in Lights Out by Geoffrey Hayes
Benny and Penny in Lost and Found by Geoffrey Hayes
Benny and Penny in the Big No-No! by Geoffrey Hayes
Benny and Penny in the Toy Breaker by Geoffrey Hayes
The Big Wet Balloon by Liniers
Good Night, Planet by Liniers
The Great Antonio by Elise Gravel
Luke on the Loose by Harry Bliss
Maya Makes a Mess by Rutu Modan
Nina in That Makes Me Mad by Hilary Knight
Patrick Eats His Peas and Other Stories by Geoffrey Hayes
Patrick in A Teddy Bear's Picnic and Other Stories by Geoffrey Hayes
Stinky by Eleanor Davis

Level 3
Ape and Armadillo Take Over the World by James Sturm
Flop to the Top by Eleanor Davis
Mo and Jo: Fighting Together Forever by Dean Haspiel & Jay Lynch
Otto's Backwards Day by Frank Cammuso & Jay Lynch
Otto's Orange Day by Frank Cammuso & Jay Lynch
The Shark King by R. Kikuo Johnson
Written and Drawn by Henrietta by Liniers
Zig and Wikki in Something Ate My Homework by Nadja Spiegelman
Zig and Wikki in the Cow by Nadja Spiegelman

Toon Graphics
Cast Away on the Letter A: A Philemon Adventure by Fred
Hansel & Gretel by Neil Gaiman
Little Nemo's Big New Dreams (Anthology)
Lost in NYC: A Subway Adventure by Nadja Spiegelman
Oedipus Trapped by Destiny by Yvan Pommaux
Orpheus in the Underworld by Yvan Pommaux
Sea Change by Frank Viva
The Secret of the Stone Frog by David Nytra
The Suspended Castle: A Philemon Adventure by Fred
Theseus and the Minotaur by Yvan Pommaux
The Wild Piano: A Philemon Adventure by Fred
Windmill Dragons by David Nytra

Garfield (the cat)

Garfield (the cat) created by Jim Davis.  All are cartoon strips, comic books or graphic novels unless otherwise noted.  Written by various authors except where noted as originals by Jim Davis.

Garfield & Co.
1: Fish to Fry
2: The Curse of the Cat People
3: Catzilla
4: Caroling Capers
5: A Game of Cat and Mouse
6: Mother Garfield
7: Home for the Holidays
8: Secret Agent X

The Garfield Show
1. Unfair Weather
2. Jon's Night Out
3. Long Lost Lyman
4. Little Trouble in Big China
5. Fido Food Feline

Jackie French

Wacky Families (orig. Funny Families)
1. My Mom the Pirate
2. My Dog the Dinosaur
3. My Dad the Dragon
4. My Uncle Gus the Garden Gnome (read Dec 2014)
1-4. One Big Wacky Family
5. My Uncle the Werewolf
6. My Gran the Gorilla (read Dec 2014)
7. My Auntie Chook the Vampire Chicken (read Dec 2014)
8. My Pa the Polar Bear (read Feb 2015)
5-8. Wonderfully Wacky Families

John Allison

Bad Machinery
Book 1: The Case of the Team Spirit
Book 2: The Case of the Good Boy 
Book 3: The Case of the Simple Soul
Book 4: The Case of the Lonely One
Book 5: The Case of the Fire Inside
Book 6: The Case of the Unwelcome Visitor (tba)
Book 7: The Case of the Forked Road (tba)
Book 8: The Case of the Modern Men (tba)
Book 9: Space is the Place (tba)
Book 10: The Case of the Missing Piece (tba)
Book 11: The Big Hiatus (tba)

Derek Kirk Kim

1. Vanishing Point (read Dec 2014)
2. Still Life (read Dec 2014)
3. tba


Dance Class
1. So, You Think You Can Hip-Hop?
2. Romeos and Juliet
3. African Folk Dance Fever
4. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Paris
5. To Russia with Love
6. A Merry Olde Christmas (read Dec 2014)
7. School Night Fever

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novels by Ian Edginton
1. The Hound of the Baskervilles
2. A Study in Scarlet
3. The Sign of the Four

Sherlock Holmes (Paranormal Graphic Novels) by Sylvain Cordurie
1. Sherlock Holmes and the Vampires of London
2. Sherlock Holmes and the Necronomicon
3. Sherlock Holmes: Crime Alleys

James Burks

Bird & Squirrel
1. Bird & Squirrel On the Run (read Dec 2014)
2. Bird & Squirrel On Ice (read Dec 2014)