Greg Rucka

1: Family (read Dec 2013)
2: Lift (read Sep 2014)

Wonder Woman

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman
Vol. 1
Vol. 2
Vol. 3

Superman/Wonder Woman (New 52)
Vol. 1: Power Couple
Vol. 2: War and Peace
Vol. 3: Casualties of War
Vol. 4: Dark Truth

Wonder Woman (New 52)
Vol. 1: Blood 
Vol. 2: Guts 
Vol. 3: Iron
Vol. 4: War
Vol. 5: Flesh
Vol. 6: Bones
Vol. 7: War Torn
Vol. 8: A Twist of Faith
Vol. 9: Resurrection

Wonder Woman: Earth One
Vol. 1

Wonder Woman (Rebirth)
Vol. 1: The Lies
Vol. 2: Year One
Vol. 3: The Truth
Vol. 4: Godwatch

Wonder Woman 77 Meets the Bionic Woman by Andy Mangels
Wonder Woman: Her Greatest Battles by Greg Rucka

Chapter Books
DC Super Heroes: Wonder Woman, Rumble in the Rainforest by Sarah Hines Stephens
DC Super Pets: The Fastest Pet on Earth by J.E. Bright

Picture Books
Be a Star, Wonder Woman! by Michael Dahl

Tony Abbott

1. The Crazy Case of Missing Thunder (read Sep 2014)
2. The Startling Story of the Stolen Statue
3. Superhero Silliness
4. The Mysterious Talent Show Mystery
5. The Ha-Ha-Haunting of Hyde House
6. The Crazy Classroom Caper